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Practice Areas Overview

Addressing the Legal Problems That Arise for Families
Resolving family problems can be frustrating. Whether you are trying to win custody of your kids, or are concerned you will need to pay too much child support, it is important to find a lawyer who can address your concerns.

At the Law Offices of Melissa L. Rohrer, we represent clients throughout Merrillville and northwest Indiana in family law matters and problems resulting from them. We work with clients in matters including:
‚ÄčDivorce: Whether you are thinking of divorce or legal separation, we can help you understand your rights and your options throughout the process.
Child support: We work with parents to establish fair child support payments. We also defend parents who have child support arrearages from unpaid support in previous months or years.
Child support for college students: We help parents understand how their child support obligations will change if their child goes to college. If you anticipate that your child will go to college, you may need a court order requiring that both parents contribute in a fair manner. We will pursue contribution toward college expenses on your behalf.
Visitation: We work with parents to establish and enforce visitation time in divorce, post-divorce and paternity matters. If you believe your visitation schedule is unfair, or if you are not receiving any visitation, you should call us directly.
Child custody: We work with parents to help them receive the custody time they want or need with their child.
Paternity:We work with fathers to help them understand their parental rights and responsibilities if paternity is established. You may not have any rights if you have never established paternity in court and your child was born out of wedlock. You should call us immediately to initiate legal proceedings to establish your parenting rights.

Criminal Charges
We know family problems can be difficult to work through. If your emotions are already tightly wound, it is easy to make decisions you wouldn't make in a more cognizant state of mind. We work with clients to address other common legal issues that arise when dealing with family law matters, including:
Criminal defense:We defend clients who are facing charges for traffic tickets, domestic battery, domestic violence, and criminal charges related to their case.
Domestic battery: We defend clients in domestic violence matters. By taking the time to understand the details of the details of the fight, we are typically able to build a strong defense for each client. If you have been arrested and a family member or friend is alleging you battered them, we are typically able to build a strong defense for each client. Your defense and the fight to ensure your Constitutional rights are upheld is of utmost importance to us.